Lock-in details

  1. The lock-in will be restricted to the first 20 registrants.  Library staff will be coordinating the event with Kimberly Edwards as the librarian in charge.

  2. Only those teens in grades 7-12 and/or between the ages of 11-17 will be allowed to participate [exceptions may be made at the discretion of librarian in charge].

  3. A registration form will be required of all participants.  A parental/guardian signature with a contact number will be required of all registrants.  This number will be contacted to verify permission for teen to participate in the lock-in.  Registration forms can be mailed or faxed [see registration form for address and fax number] to the library as well as being physically brought into the library.

  4. All participants must have a reliable form of transportation to and from the library.  The name(s) of those who are allowed to pick up the teen must be on the registration form.

  5. If a teen is under 18 and has a valid driver’s license and wishes to drive him or herself to and from the event, their parents/guardian must indicate that on the registration form.

  6. If a teen is under 18 and is driving his or herself, once the program is over, they must drive straight home as there are issues with curfews for those under 18.

  7. Teens will enter and exit from the North entrance only.  Approved rides will pick up teens at the North entrance only.

  8. Security/Staff will be on hand to walk participants to cars parked at the North entrance of the library, if requested.

  9. Teens must be dropped off between 6:30 – 7:00 pm.  The program will officially start at 7 pm.

  10. The program will officially end at midnight but parents/guardians can start picking up their teens between 11:45 pm and 12 midnight.  Those teens that are driving themselves will be allowed to leave the building after 11:30 p.m.